What brought me over to build my own blog?

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When I was starting my own business (now) BuildIT Consulting (see here) in February 2020, I created this domain for my business, I thought a .IT domain was a funny idea.

I kind of was, but than I asked my now partner Jonas to join my and we created what now is BuildIT Consulting. And then this domain was laying around, costing me around 5€ a year, but was useless as a motor-less car.
So I thought to myself “what if I start a blog and write about stuff I encounter on a regular basis”. But then why would anybody read my thoughts on clients or technology we work with?
After a couple of weeks it hit my, it’s the same as starting a business, I need to provide value to you, my reader. It’s a no-brainer, really – but I was a little exhausted back then.
So here I sit now and write my first post still don’t know exactly what my point with all of this is. But I know a lot other are struggleing with the same thoughts I had and still have.

I read some “first posts” on popular and not so popular blogs, some were thoughtfully planned, others just a presentation of the auther and some just a deep dive in the respective topic. For me none of these were a good inspiration since I don’t even know the topic, I don’t have an inspiring history or a real plan with this venture. But maybe this is the right way for me, like the examples above were the right start for them.

But I don’t want to be a stranger on the internet no one know or can relate to, so even I don’t think it is exceptional, who am I?
Currently, I’m working with a great colleague on our dream to become independent from people thinking they know what is good for us. We started our IT Consulting firm in March this year after experiencing a lot of ups and downs at an other company we worked together during our bachelors degree. Besides the work I’m still enrolled into the masters degree here in my home town Mannheim. But this semester, gladly over for now, was everything but successful. Don’t want it to blame on the COVID-19 situation we are dealing with, but generally speaking a lot of areas are critically effected by it. My education as well.
My love to programming and computers started about 12 or 13 years ago when I built my first website and really enjoyed that I did it with my, from my mind to this display there in front of me. I was hooked! I went down this rabbit hole. Every technology I could find I tried, with varying success, and never let go since then.
But as always life was not aligned with my desire to just sit there all day trying stuff without a target or a purpose beside just knowing it exists.
I started a small company beside school, but was never able to exceed some small projects for friends and family. Made some mistakes and learned how not to do it.
So I finished school and started my bachelors degree in business administration and computer science. After I graduated I started working for the company I also worked for during university. I was product manager for a testautomation tool they wanted to implement at their clients. From big successes to really tough days, I could experience everything in between. When I was asked to stay there more permanent, I decided that I was not ready for it and went back to the university to get my masters degree.
Now I’m here, an enthusiast without a lot of time but finally back on track to fulfill my early dream of working on projects I like, and start again learning new things every day. If you like, I will take you with my on this journey and share my experiences, knowledge (if possible) and interesting things (imo) I encounter.

I hope you enjoyed and keep around, there will be more in the near future!

Best regards

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